10 Tips on Lesson planning for NQTs

10 Tips on Lesson planning for NQTs
Lesson planning is one area that most teachers struggle with, especially if you are very new to this. It is quite common for new teachers [just out of their CELTAs] to walk into a teachers room and feel lost. You would see some people doing some cut-ups, some looking very relaxed, some discussing great lesson ideas and sometimes with ELT jargons that you don`t understand a word. 
1. This is absolutely normal!
First of all, feeling like this is absolutely normal and every teacher has gone through this stage. In a few months or years` time, you will look relaxed too or probably sitting there discussing some interesting ELT stuff.
2. Little by little!
At the start of your teaching career, it is always best to commit to a few classes per week- say about 6-12 hours of teaching a week. This will give you time to meticulously plan your lessons and reflect on them well too. However, this is sometimes not a matter of choice, that most schools demand you to teach …